This Independence Day, let's raise a glass to Israeli culture and innovation — but especially, to the country's outstanding wine scene.

Although Israeli wine has long been a point of pride, the industry has seen record growth in recent years — proving that good wine doesn't always come from the usual suspects.

And trust us, Israeli wine is anything but ordinary.

Israeli wine has gained a unique reputation because of its growth in hot and dry regions such as the Negev and the Galilee. The strength of Israeli wine lies in its taste— as unique and diverse as the country where it is produced. And today, we're thrilled to showcase three wineries that are doing exceptional work in the industry: Dalton, Neve Yerak and Feldstein.



Dalton Winery was established in the Upper Galilee by a father-son duo who were convinced that the region could produce top-quality wine. Mati Haroni and his son Alex originally purchased grapes from regional farmers to produce 30,000 bottles a year. Today, Dalton Winery owns 800 dunams, where they produce a distinct wine whose taste is emblematic of the region.

Guy Eshel, Dalton’s chief winemaker, joined the winery in 2015. Eshel is responsible for the creation of a variety of innovative wines that appeal to a wide range of consumers. Fast forward to today, and Dalton Winery produces over a million bottles of wine annually.



If you're looking for a winery that truly captures the essence of Israeli wine, then Neve Yarak is your go-to.

The winery's founder, Momo Shmilovich, left his design career to pursue his passion for wine. Today, Neve Yarak produces 25,000 bottles annually, with each sip embodying the dry, mineral-rich flavors of the Middle East.

When you open a bottle and take a sip of Neve Yarak’s wine, it is hard to believe that this wine was created in the center of the country, a stone's throw from the Sharon region.

Without a doubt, Neve Yarak’s wine characterizes the terroir of the Middle East — dry, accompanied by intense acidity, impressive minerality and rich complexity.

📸 Snow R. Shai,


Last but not least, we have Avi Feldstein, a true veteran in the wine industry. As a former leading winemaker for Segal Winery, Feldstein's expertise is unmatched. He was responsible for producing wines at a variety of price ranges, including his iconic “Unfiltered Cabernet Sauvignon" variety.

His eponymous winery, Feldstein Winery, focuses on local and ancient varieties such as Dabuki and Argaman, as well as international grape varieties.

Each glass of Feldstein wine has a focused and crisp taste that will leave you wanting more.